Perm Kits and 30 Day Kits

We offer Perm Kits and 30 day kits.

Perm Kits last forever as 30 day kits are for a limited time based on time of purchase.


Kits are usable once every 48 hours.

Kits are blocked the first day of wipe to allow a fair chance for non Vip Members.


Kits are up-gradable. For example you can buy the $5 kit initially and then upgrade $20 later and you would be upgraded to the $25 kit. You would lose the original $5 if you upgrade. 

Contact Admin/Server-Manager if you wish to do this.

Only One

You may only have one kit at a time. No more than that.

Subject to Change

Kits are subject to change as the server develops, This will depend mostly on the development of rust and the items the developers decide to bring into the game.

Purchase Info

Once you have sent the payment for your kit, please allow up to 24 hours for your kit to be setup! If there is any delay, Please contact us on discord or the cantact us tab on the website.